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Revenue in the Electrical Services Industry is Expected to Grow at a rate of 4.7% through 2019.

Electrical Service Marketing

Running cost effective, impactful marketing in the electrical services industry has always been a challenge. With so much competition and the rising cost of advertising pricing many out of the market, how does an electrical services provider drive business effectively? At Niche Media we have helped a dozens of electrical service companies overcome these challenges and successfully dominate their local markets.


Ready to increase lead call volume by as much as 55%?  


Ready to attract homeowners in your area?  


Ready to increase web conversions by as much as 50%?

At Niche Media we offer our clients a unique combination of extensive digital marketing experience and a keen understanding of the electrical services vertical. Leveraging 3 decades of collective experience, we are prepared to put our knowledge to work for you.  Allow us to help you significantly increase monthly lead volumes, while improving your visibility in local search results. Stop pursing new business and start connecting with homeowners in need of your professional skills, strategically and effectively. Connect us today and discover how we’re helping our partners drive affordable, highly qualified electrical services leads at unmatched volumes.


Over the years we have cultivated an acute understanding of the nuances of the electrical home services market. Our unequalled experience in this industry positions us as the strategic partner of choice for electrical service providers looking to dominate their local market. Because our innovative marketing strategies give our clients a clear advantage in their respective areas, we only represent a single electrical services provider in a given market. Contact us today to see if we’re accepting business in your area. Let’s claim your niche!

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